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When’s the Best Time to Clean Carpets During the Holidays?

Nov 10, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

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As the holiday season gets closer, many people start to get their homes ready for guests, parties, and having kids and pets around. You want your home to be clean and cozy for the holidays, but you also know that spills and messes might happen. It can be hard to decide when to get your carpets cleaned deeply during this busy time.

You might want your home to look and smell clean for the holidays. But you also might not want to have a party or gathering right after getting your carpets cleaned. At Grace Chem-Dry, we get that it’s tough to choose the right time for a deep carpet cleaning in Columbia, SC. We’ve put together some pros and cons to help you decide what’s best for you during the holiday rush.

Cleaning Carpets Before the Holidays

Getting your carpets cleaned before the holidays can be good. Your house will feel fresh and welcoming for your guests. This is great if you have kids who play on the carpet or if you want to get rid of any bad smells. But there are also some downsides. With all the cooking and partying, spills are likely. Also, your carpet might get dirty faster because of more people coming in and out, bringing in snow, mud, and salt.

Cleaning Carpets After the Holidays

Having your carpets cleaned after the holidays is another option. This way, you can clean up any dirt or stains from the holiday fun and start the new year with a clean house. But, if it’s been a long time since you last had your carpets cleaned, you might not like how they look or smell, which could make you worried about having people over. If you’re stressed about keeping your house clean during the holidays, you might want to think about getting your carpets cleaned before. You can always get them cleaned again after the holidays if you need to.

When to Clean Your Carpets

The best time for deep carpet cleaning in Columbia, SC, depends on what you want and when you last had your carpets cleaned. If you want your carpets really clean for the start of the holiday season and don’t mind if they get a bit dirty during parties, get them cleaned before the holidays. If you’re more worried about cleaning up after guests and parties, you might want to wait until after the holidays. If you’re not sure, think about when you last had your carpets cleaned. If it was in the last 3-6 months, maybe wait until after the holidays. If it was more than six months ago, it might be better to get them cleaned before the holidays.

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