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Chem-Dry’s Answer to Pet Accidents

Jul 6, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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When it comes to our furry friends, they’re more than pets—they’re part of the family. However, every pet parent knows that accidents happen, and when they do, it can feel like an uphill battle trying to remove stubborn stains and lingering odors from your carpets. Some homeowners attempt to clean or cover up these stains and smells themselves, but often, these D.I.Y. methods aren’t entirely effective. It can feel like you’re stuck between a clean-smelling home and the joy of owning a pet.

But there’s good news. The professionals at Grace Chem-Dry are here to reassure you that it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to compromise on having a fresh and clean home just because you share it with pets. Our specialized treatments for pet stains and odors ensure that mishaps are handled efficiently and effectively. 

We are experts at eliminating even the most persistent smells. Using our proven techniques and innovative solutions, we can break down urine crystals, freeing your home from unpleasant odors and restoring it to a cozy and comfortable space that every family member can enjoy.

Avoid Short-Term Fixes; Trust Grace Chem-Dry’s Carpet Cleaning Service

At Grace Chem-Dry, we aim to offer peace-of-mind solutions for all pet-related accidents. We believe in saving our clients time, money, and hassle. Instead of multiple trips to the store and trial-and-error with a range of products, a single call to us can alleviate your worries. With our professional cleaning methods, you can be assured that we’ll handle the situation proficiently.

Here are a few common store-bought and D.I.Y. remedies you can confidently bypass when you use our carpet cleaning service.

Store-Bought Stain Removers

While many products on the market claim to eliminate pet stains, figuring out which ones work and which don’t is both time-consuming and potentially expensive. Depending on your carpet type, some solutions could cause permanent bleaching. 

Opting for our professional carpet cleaning service ensures a safe and reliable method that doesn’t risk damaging your carpet. In fact, when you calculate the long-term costs of trying different stain removers, hiring us could prove to be a more economical choice.

Strongly Scented Deodorizers

Pet accidents might not always leave a visible stain, but they often leave behind a distinct smell. This might tempt you to reach for the nearest air freshener or deodorizer available.

The issue with these products is they only temporarily mask the smell without addressing the actual source, which resides deep within your carpet fibers. The perfumed scent can be overpowering and doesn’t truly refresh your home, nor does it last long enough for you to forget about the hidden odor.

D.I.Y. Dog Repellent Spray

If you notice your dog repeatedly urinating in the same spot, it can be tempting to try to prevent future accidents using a D.I.Y. repellent, such as a vinegar spray. The theory is that dogs dislike the smell of acetic acid in vinegar, which discourages them from returning to the same spot.

But there are several issues with this approach. Firstly, the smell of vinegar isn’t only unpleasant for dogs but for humans as well. Also, your dog might simply find another spot in your home to urinate, leaving you with the same problem, but now your home smells like a mixture of vinegar and dog urine.

Discover Peace with Grace Chem-Dry’s Specialty Carpet Cleaning Service

Grace Chem-Dry’s specialized carpet cleaning service for pet accidents, known as the Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.), includes a comprehensive odor-eliminating treatment and a unique pet stain carpet cleaner. Our focus is to target the root cause of strong odors and stubborn stains, neutralizing them for a fresh and clean outcome.

As part of our process, our trained professionals utilize U.V. light technology to detect pet accidents that may have slipped your attention but could be contributing to the persistent odor in your home. By choosing us, you can finally bid farewell to ineffective store-bought products and ongoing worry about your pet’s accidents.

If you’re in the Midlands of South Carolina and are ready to reclaim a fresh and clean living environment, free from the remnants of pet accidents, then give our experienced carpet cleaning service at Grace Chem-Dry a call today! With us by your side, a pet-friendly home doesn’t have to mean enduring unpleasant odors and stains. It means a space that’s as welcoming and clean as the love you share with your pets. 

Let us take care of your carpets, so you can focus on enjoying the moments that truly matter with your furry friends. Call us today to schedule carpet cleaning for your home in Columbia, Camden, Sumter, Lexington, Irmo, Lugoff, Elgin, Blythewood, Bishopville, Dalzell, Lakewood, and the surrounding areas.

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