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Maintaining Your Granite Countertops Between Cleanings

Jul 30, 2021 | General Cleaning Tips, Granite Countertop Renewal

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Grace Chem-Dry is one of the leading home and commercial cleaning companies in Columbia, South Carolina. For years, many homeowners and businesses have trusted us to provide exceptional cleaning services. One of these services includes professional granite countertop renewal.

Granite countertops are beautiful additions to any home, especially in kitchens. However, to maintain their beauty for many years to come, they must receive the proper care and attention. To ensure that your granite countertops stay clean and healthy between professional cleanings, we offer some simple tips that you can implement into your home cleaning routine to enjoy beautiful granite countertops.

For professional granite countertop cleaning in the Midlands of South Carolina in Kershaw County, Lexington County, Richland County, Sumter County, Lee County, SC including Columbia, Camden, Sumter, Lexington, Irmo, Lugoff, Elgin, Blythewood, Bishopville, Dalzell, Lakewood, & the surrounding areas, contact Grace Chem-Dry today for a free estimate!


DOs and DON’Ts


DO Use Mild Detergent

When cleaning your granite countertops, use a mild detergent and water to wipe down your countertops. Store bought wipes can also help with cleaning efforts, but always check that the wipes can safely be used on granite surfaces. A good rule of thumb is to wipe your countertops every night or after preparing food to keep them clean. Small messes can quickly escalate to big problems on granite countertops, so it’s best to take care of the problem right away!



It’s not necessary to wax your granite countertops. You can go ahead and disregard doing this.


DO Get Your Countertops Professionally Cleaned

Even if you do an excellent job at maintaining your granite countertops by yourself, you will still want to have a professional cleaning appointment to ensure their longevity and quality over the years. Soap scum and other residues can build up over time and cause a dull appearance to the countertops. This buildup will eventually require professional means to become fully extracted. Consider employing help from a company like Grace Chem-Dry in Columbia, SC.


DON’T Use Over the Counter Polishes or Products

Surprisingly these products can end up doing more harm than good. Some of these products tend to leave behind residues that are dirt-attracting, resulting in dirty countertops! If you are unsure about which product may be suitable for your granite countertops, it is best to consult the advice of a professional cleaning technician. A member of our team would also be happy to help you learn more during your cleaning appointment.


DO Use Professional Sealers

These are excellent at helping you avoid countertop staining. We will also use a professional sealer during our granite countertop cleaning appointments to prevent stains in between cleanings.


DON’T Use it as a Food Prep Surface

Instead of directly cutting and preparing food on your granite countertops, consider using a cutting board instead. Juices and other substances from food preparation can leak into the granite countertop. This may lead to other health-related problems for your family.


Granite Countertop Cleaning in Columbia, SC 

When it’s time for the granite countertops of your home in Columbia to be cleaned, choose the team of professionals from Grace Chem-Dry. Here are some more reasons why:


Green Certified

Our sealer is water-based rather than solvent-based. This prevents exposure to hazardous chemicals and is better for the environment and your family. Other granite countertop cleaners in Columbia may use sealers that could harm the rest of the family and the environment.


Simple, Efficient Process

While other cleaners in Columbia may be more intrusive, Grace Chem-Dry will try to be in and out in no time. We’ll work with you to ensure as little disruption to your daily schedule. For further reasoning of what makes Grace Chem-Dry the premier choice for granite countertop cleaning in Columbia, see recent reviews from customers who had their granite countertops cleaned by us and what their experience was.

We hope these tips help keep your granite countertops in optimal condition in between cleanings. And when it is time to get your countertops cleaned, give Grace Chem-Dry a call. We look forward to working with you!

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