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How To Choose The Perfect Size Rug For Your Room

Sep 16, 2021 | Area Rug Cleaning

How To Choose The Perfect Size Rug For Your Room Grace Chem-Dry

Area rugs are beautiful design pieces and add comfort and warmth to any room in the home. They also do an excellent job at protecting hardwood floors. These valuable textiles deserve the best care—including rug cleaning in Columbia and Camden

Area rugs come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials to fit every style and need. Finding the right rug can be tricky, but worth it once you find the perfect fit. 

Our team has decades of experience caring for rugs throughout the Columbia area and would love to share some of our pro tips for choosing the perfect size rug for your room. 

Here’s a room-by-room guide for choosing rug sizes and pairing them with furniture in your space. 


Rugs For The Living Room 

For size 9×12 rugs, place all of your furniture on top of the rug. If possible, leave an 18-inch border of flooring around the edges of your rug.

Put front legs of furniture on 8×10 rugs with the back legs directly on your flooring. 

Size 6×9 rugs are great for smaller spaces. Place your sofa completely off the rug, then front legs of accent chairs on top of it. Just be sure the rug is the same length or longer than your couch.


Rugs For The Dining Room 

Dining room chairs are shuffled and moved frequently, so choose a more flat rug material that won’t catch easily on furniture. 

Size 9×12 rugs allow for a large table. Just make sure there are about two feet of clearance around all edges of the rugs so the chairs can be pushed in and out. You can follow the same principle for 8×10 rugs with a smaller dining table. If possible, leave about eight inches of flooring between your rug and the walls. 

Size 6×9 rugs can also work in dining rooms if you place the back legs of the chairs directly on your flooring. Leave about 18 inches of space between the rug and your chairs if you can. 


Rugs For The Bedroom 

Size 9×12 rugs work well with king-size beds. The rug will be the width of the bed plus a nightstand on each side. Place the top of the rug in front of the nightstands, and allow adequate walking space around the edges of your rug and the walls.

For queen size beds, try a size 8×10 rug. This will be wide enough to match the bed and two nightstands. Place the top of the rug in front of the legs of the nightstand, and leave about 18 inches of space around the edges of the rug. 

Size 6×9 rugs can be a good fit for queen size beds or smaller. Place the top of the rug about a third of the way down from the top edge of your bed. Leave the nightstands completely off of the rug, and allow for walking space around the edges of the room. 

For small rooms, or for a different style aesthetic, try a runner rug on each side of your bed instead of one large area rug. 


Area Rug Cleaning In Columbia And Camden

Grace Chem-Dry specializes in taking care of your rugs. Your precious textiles will be in the best hands with our team for rug cleaning in Columbia and Camden. 

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