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How Chem-Dry Removes Pet Stains and Odors

Apr 24, 2022 | Cleaning With Pets, Stain Removal

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Pet urine accidents are always unexpected and never fun to deal with, especially when you have company over at your home! These accidents leave behind highly noticeable stains on your carpet and upholstery and they can sometimes create a “go-to” spot for your pet. When your pet smells a spot in the home where they have urinated before, they can feel like it’s a green light to repeat the accident once more.

If you’re like many homeowners in Columbia and Camden, you may be wondering what the best way is to deal with pet accidents on your carpet. A walk down a cleaning supply aisle at your local grocery store might offer a convenient DIY solution, but these temporary fix-ups won’t solve the issue at its core. At Grace Chem-Dry, we provide residents in Kershaw County, Lexington County, Richland County, Sumter County, and Lee County with specialized Pet Urine Removal Treatment, which we refer to as P.U.R.T.® 

To help you understand the efficacy of our pet urine removal treatment, we wanted to walk you through the steps of our process and what service you might expect for your home in Columbia and Camden. Our expert technicians employ our specialized solutions and cutting-edge technologies to effectively remove pet stains and smells at the source. You’ll be back to fresh-smelling and stain-free carpets in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our process or to give your carpet another chance from previous pet accidents!


Pet Urine Removal Process from Grace Chem-Dry

When you have a member of the Grace Chem-Dry team in your home to treat an area of your carpet in question, you can rest assured that you’ve employed the best service in the Columbia area. Rather than focus solely on the small area where the accident may be, we will also scan for other accidents that may have slipped past your eye. 

Our process begins by examining your carpet with a special UV light to effectively detect the pet accidents in your home. Discovering initially unknown pet urine spots in the carpet is attributed primarily to this step.

Once we have determined where a pet has had an accident to the best of our ability, next comes the application of our revolutionary P.U.R.T. product. This specialized solution is different from anything else that you’d be able to buy at a store or handcraft using ingredients in your pantry. This is because of the reaction that it initiates when it comes in contact with trapped urine crystals found on carpet fibers. It is these trapped urine crystals that are the main source of the terrible odors from the urine, so it’s critical that we leave behind none once we are finished.

Pet urine removal treatment from Grace Chem-Dry doesn’t just mask odor for a few days only to have it return later on, but we ensure that it’s gone for good. To back up our claims, we’ve had our process tested by an independent laboratory. The final results revealed that our treatment eliminates 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets.

What about the actual stain that’s left behind after your pet leaves their mark? To tackle that, we use our special Hot Carbonating Extraction process to remove virtually any stain. You can have peace of mind knowing that each of our processes and cleaning solutions will be safe for the entire family, even your pets! We work by the motto that “if we can’t get it out, no one can!”


Carpet Cleaners in Columbia

We love our pets, but not the accidents that they leave behind! If you’ve experienced pet urine accidents on your home’s carpets in Columbia, give the team of carpet cleaning professionals at Grace Chem-Dry a call. Don’t spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing away at a stain only to have the odors and stain resurface after a few days. Instead, solve the problem for good with our help. Contact Grace Chem-Dry for a pet urine removal treatment you can trust! See why so many others in Columbia, Camden, Sumter, Lexington, Irmo, Lugoff, Elgin, Blythewood, Bishopville, Dalzell, and Lakewood trust us for effective cleaning solutions.

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